About us

About us

Welcome to First Tech: Venture Fund that loves IT and new technologies, and invests in the best teams in this market. To be the best, to be one step ahead — these principles we embody every day in our work.

The Fund is the result of accumulated experience and knowledge, which are acquired only through spending time and money, a lot of successful and failed own projects, which allowed gaining a unique experience that is worth sharing and a lot to help other entrepreneurs.

Top priority segments

  • New financial technologies: services and products that can change the future of the financial ecosystem
  • New technologies in advertising: services and products that allow the user to personalize information as accurately as possible
  • IT in education: services and products for optimizing the learning process
  • Cloud technologies: SaaS services for small and medium businesses
  • Digital medicine: b2b and b2c solutions for improving the efficiency of medical care and health monitoring








WE ALWAYS choose the most “breakthrough” technologies, the most promising segments and the most talented entrepreneurs. And we provide them with the best terms of transaction and cooperation.

We never stand still and are not afraid to experiment in order to be highly profitable for those who trust us to manage their money, useful and comfortable for those in whom we invest, and innovative for venture capital industry as a whole.


We offer an optimal investment model for any business, based on company’s specialization, stage of its development and business goals.

We care not only for financial result, such as Fund’s profitability, but also for success of each of business in which we invest. We strive to achieve the maximum number of success stories.


We work based on best venture practices and our own broad experience. We know all about investment process and how to earn money using it.

We know how to manage large corporations and create successful businesses. We understand technologies and market trends: IT, the Internet, as well as media and advertising.
And most IMPORTANTLY, we love what we do, and we do it well.

When evaluating a company, it is important for us to be on the same emotional wave as its team: this increases the quality of cooperation and chances of dynamic growth and success of the business.

How to raise money for your project:


Prepare a presentation of your team and project


Present the project to Funds Manager


Receive investments and additional options


Bring the project to the market